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The French Soap Store is now open!

Bonjour and welcome to the French Soap Store. We are delighted to bring you some of the finest natural French soaps direct to your door.

Organic Donkey Milk Soaps All our French soaps are traditionally handcrafted in Provence using 100% natural ingredients.

Our sumptuous natural French soap bars are wonderfully moisturising and last for ages, made with nourishing plant oils, organic shea butter and fragrances from Grasse.

The organic donkey milk soaps, enriched with fresh milk from farms in Provence, are incredibly mild and full of nutrients that soften, smooth and soothe even the most delicate skin.

Our traditional Savon de Marseille soaps are the genuine French soap cubes. Handmade with a Savon de Marseille Olive 300gminimum of 72% olive or vegetable oil, this natural block of soap can be used to clean everything from stone floors to sensitive faces.

The solid French shampoo soap bars are the ideal plastic-free alternative to bottled shampoo. Each one is cold-pressed, chemical-free and handmade using nourishing natural oils, milk and shea butter and can be used on the hair, face, beard and body.

Exfoliating french soapsOur handmade exfoliating soap bars gently scrub and buff while cleansing the body. Made with real plant extracts such as mixed herbs and lavender flowers, these natural soap bars have wonderful scents as well as fantastic exfoliating benefits.

And the Écolier French oval soap bars are handmade in Marseille. These oval bars can be used with rotary wall-mounted soap holders or hung on the rope so the soap dries faster and lasts longer.

30g heart gift soapAnd finally, our wonderful French gift soaps are ideal for special occasions and indulgent treats. Each exquisite gift soap is traditionally made in Provence from luscious natural ingredients and gorgeous scents.