Three top reasons to switch to our natural solid soap bars

Why switch to our natural solid soap bars – here are three top reasons

  1. 1. Our soap bars offer real value for money

Natural-solid-soap-barsDid you know that, on average, sixty per cent of the price of liquid soap is spent on the plastic bottle and packaging? Also, a large percentage of liquid soap is water. This high-water content means liquid soap tends to be used up more quickly than a solid soap bar. Over generous pump dispensers make it easy to use too much, so we end up buying the product more frequently too.

In contrast, when you buy a natural handcrafted soap bar, most of your money simply goes on all the gorgeous, pure, high-quality ingredients that nourish your skin. And because they contain less water, our solid soap bars also last considerably longer than liquid alternatives; so, you’ll save money too. There’s no waste with a solid bar of soap – you can use every single bit!

  1. 2. Our soap bars are kinder to your skin

shampoo soap barsThe majority of liquid hand washes, shower gels and shampoos are created with synthetic detergents, fragrances and preservatives that can irritate and dry our skin and be toxic to the environment.

Our bars of soap are free of chemicals. They are handcrafted using only 100% natural ingredients and oils like pure olive oil, organic shea butter and aromatic herbs. These are kinder to the skin and beautifully nourishing.

  1. 3. Our soap bars are better for the environment

According to Friends of the Earth it takes five times more energy to produce liquid soap in comparison to a solid soap bar and can use 20 times more packaging too, which makes liquid soap heavier and less efficient to transport. Worst of all, most liquid soap comes in plastic bottles, which are polluting the planet. Our natural French zero-waste soaps are free from plastic and chemicals, which makes them better for the environment and better for your skin too.

So, be kinder to the planet, your purse and your skin and switch to our natural solid soap bars today