Black Vanilla scented candle


Our Black Vanilla scented candles are recognised for the quality of the waxes and perfumes used. The candle wax is 100% natural, a blend of coconut oil, soy and beeswax and is designed to optimally diffuse its fragrance and contains at least 10% of creamy Black Vanilla fragrance. These candles are very attractive, perfect for adding a stylish touch to your room or for gifting.

Our Black Vanilla scented candles last longer, they do not make smoke and they melt regularly without any crater appearing. And the burning time is approximately 60 – 65 hours.

Please note: it is important to trim the wick between each use to have a longer burning time and extend the life of the candle.

Weight 240g


Black Vanilla scented candle

• 100% natural
• Black Vanilla fragrance
• 240g
• long burning wick

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